2017 Spring Newsletter - The Falcon’s Nest

2017 Spring Newsletter - The Falcon’s Nest

Every day I come to work, I am reminded of the abundant blessings at St. Louis Catholic Academy. To assist in the learning and growth of such special children is truly a gift. It is already a wonderful year, and our children are working diligently to be the absolute best. As the Principal at SLCA, one of my jobs is to help provide our children with the tools they need to be successful. Our goal is to educate and serve the needs of the whole child---socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. 

One focus of this “whole child” approach is to inspire and enhance our students’ leadership skills. Several students in the middle school, grades 6-8, have become school Ambassadors. The process is selective, but students volunteer for consideration. SLCA’s Student Ambassadors are, in many respects, the faces and voices of our school. It is our hope that the Student Ambassador Program will develop an even greater sense of ownership among our already proud students and to inspire our younger students to become Ambassadors as they advance at SLCA. 

Engaging our community is another way that we serve the “whole child.” A number of deeply committed volunteers have continued to say “yes” to the school’s need for tutors and mentors from across the region. Because of the tremendous commitment involved in establishing a tutor/student relationship, teachers and volunteers are able to fully engage in student learning and their success in and out of the classroom. Please consider tutoring as a way to support SLCA. 

Sandra MortonWe’ve re-established our girls and boys basketball teams and games that are greatly attended by the student body, and our winter play was a hit amongst all those in attendance. However, one of the most compelling opportunities at St. Louis Catholic Academy is the chance for home and school (PTO) to work together. Parent involvement is very important to a child’s success in school as well as at home. 

Finally, our 8th graders have received their high school acceptance letters, and are ready to take their next step. We are so proud of their many accomplishments. We are praying for God to help them see the path that He has laid before them for their growth academically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Although this is my first year at an elementary school, this year as a principal has helped me understand why God wanted me here— to fully help our students be successful in high school and to 

prepare them early for their journey. 

Abundant Blessings, 

Sandra Morton, Principal