The philosophy of St. Louis Catholic Academy is based on Christian values and the belief that each person is in a relationship with a personal, loving God. Children are helped to find God as their source and as the authority that calls them to build the reign of God on earth. This belief becomes lived out in the context of a supportive and nurturing school community.

Collaboration between student, parent, and faculty is the key ingredient of St. Louis Catholic Academy. We believe that a serious commitment of time and effort from all constituents -- students, parents, donors, volunteers -- is the essential element in achieving our goals.

Belief in the potential of each student, the whole person, is the premise on which all of our educational approaches to learning are based. So, too, all of our character development rests on the belief that each student and person in our community has a God-given responsibility to use his or her gifts generously and joyfully for the good of the entire community. St. Louis Catholic Academy supports positive self-image, self-control, and personal development, and stresses responsible and moral decision-making. Knowledge about, respect for, and appreciation for diverse cultures and personalities are supported within the school programs.

Our academic curriculum is designed to provide the students with the skills necessary to meet the challenges that will face them in the future. Faculty take into account students’ experiences and circumstances and attempt to meet the needs of each individual as much as possible. Through a holistic program children are encouraged to find peaceful solutions to problems and to take a stand for nonviolence as a way of life.